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Padel is a racket sport originating in Mexico. It is always played in pairs and consists of three fundamental elements for its development: the ball, the shovel and the playing field or track. It consists of bouncing the ball in the opposite field, with the possibility of bouncing off the walls.

It has well-defined rules, being the FIP Padel Rules Committee who will continuously observe the game and its rules and will recommend, when deemed necessary, changes to the Assembly, the authority ultimately responsible for making any changes to the Rules. Padel, in accordance with the provisions of art. 18 of the Statutes

Please note that Padel is different from the sport known in Canada and the United States as paddle tennis. It is also not to be confused with platform tennis, a winter and summer sport typically played at country clubs in Canada and the US, with courts heated from below to eliminate snow and water. The court, rules, and styles of play are very different.